Residency Guest: Tamara Moyzes, Curating the Social

Photo: Holocaust memorial at Prague 7 project by Tamara Moyzes

Tamara Moyzes visits Helsinki this week as one of the mentors of PERPETUUM LABS II / CURATING THE SOCIAL event.

Tamara will give a public presentation about her work on Tuesday 3rd Dec, 15:00 at Kallio Kunsthalle. You can find the full schedule of Curating the Social here.

Short bio: Tamara Moyzes lives and works in Prague. Her work addresses political issues. In it she does not adopt an academic approach, but prefers direct intervention – she does not comment on reality from a distance, but is a part of the story. The people depicted in her fictional documentaries are not professional actors and their artistic “role” only emphasizes and complements their real status. To reflect current social conflicts she uses a blend of documentary, pathetic and humorous scenes. The parodic handling of topics is a strategy that does not resolve the situation but, on the contrary, reveals its incendiary nature and content in a form that is not easily digestible.  For Tamara Moyzes video is a tactical and political tool.

Residency Guests: Mark Donne + Imre Azem, Lens Politica Festival

the_uk_gold_01Photo: The UK Gold by Mark Donne

It is a great pleasure for to host two international director guests of this year’s Lens Politica festival: Mark Donne (director of The UK Gold) and Imre Azem (director of Ecumenopolis: City without Limits).

The UK Gold: Have you ever thought about how multinational corporations avoid taxes and how this affects an ordinary person’s life in the West, or in a developing country with a high level of debt? The UK Gold is a film that answers these questions in a balanced and precise way, through both theory and practice. >> More information

Ecumenopolis: What kind of cities do we leave to future generations? The documentary by Imre Azem delves into the rapid change of contemporary Istanbul and the forces behind it. The name of the film refers to the idea of uncontrolled growth of cities, the consequence of which would be one worldwide megacity, Ecumenopolis. >> More information

ecumenopolis_01Photo: Ecumenopolis by Imre Azem

Residency Guest: Arkadiy Kots


Russian protest band Arkadiy Kots (Medvedev, Oleynikov et al) at! Nikolay Oleynikov & co will host graffiti workshops with contributors from Helsinki & St. Petersburg and Arkadiy Kots will perform two gigs. This residency is a collaboration with Perpetuum Mobile. Check out the full RE-PUBLIC programme here.